Change Log

Version YY.MM.DD Changes
1.17 2021.11.06
  • About page content revisions.
  • Intro to design system.
  • Clean-up of some design system layout for my readability sake.
  • Addition of background gradient icons.
1.16 2021.11.01
  • Addition of land acknowledgement in Colophon
  • Minor case study tweaks getting ready for more items.
1.15 2021.10.16
  • Spelling, grammar, and other fixes for private case studies. Thanks, Laura, my editor pal!
  • Update to public side of case study page to add clear CTAs and funnels.
  • Began fleshing out button styles in design system.
  • Began shifting colour schemes to more lively blues and purples.
  • Fixed bug on new card styles where margins and padding were being removed from child elements.
  • Removed lazy coding on page links being all the same colouor that was conflicting with alternating background or button styles.
  • Updated Colophon and Principles pages to compensate for lazy link coding.
  • Opened up Design System in footer navigation.
  • Adopted purple and indigo tertiary colours. Will continue integrating.
1.14 2021.10.11
  • Major update, adding new private case study area.
1.13 2021.09.12
  • Addition of Behance URL in case folks want to stalk illustration work.
  • Minor typo fixes and copy edits.
  • Removed minor pixel glitch with a border on About page.
1.12 2021.07.07
  • Many more design system tweaks and adds.
  • Temporary colour schemes set, will experiment.
  • 2 card styles added (that I'm already overusing).
  • Major javascript system integrations, easily togglable on certain pages.
  • Templatization of footnotes so it's now togglable via frontmatter.
  • Footnotes adjusted for numbers rather than ellipses.
  • Major footnote upgrades like touch size and other accessibility updates.
  • Fixed vertical alignment icon bug in the footer.
  • Branched singular .prose style with new supporting styles, .h-default and h#-spaced for ease of writing smaller cards and full articles vs pages.
  • New full-width table style.
  • Heading styles separated from semantics, though generally stilled used when attached to them. Makes visual styling easier.
  • Documenting of H styles.
  • Sitemap schema fixed.
1.11 2021.07.04
  • First new variables introduced into TailwindCSS.
  • Utilization of new variables to add brand colours to design system and begin defining other supporting colours
1.10 2021.06.27
  • Forced SSL.
  • Added Sitemap.
  • Integrated Google Search Console for insights.
  • Proper DEV and PROD areas set up.
  • Basic table styles– First main component of a design system!
1.09 2021.06.20
  • Templatization of several key files making work exponentially faster.
  • Manual recreation of favicon files in case that was the basis of the security breach (no evidence, just paranoid now).
1.08 2021.06.14
  • Complete rebuild after major hack.
  • Totally flat file.
  • No more CMS.
1.07 2021.01.18
  • Minor OG:Image bug fix – was referencing “post” instead of “page”.
  • Minor navbar positioning bug that was bugging me for a while.
1.06 2021.01.15
  • Added minor dynamic Open Graph support.
1.05 2021.01.14
  • Installed, configured PurgeCSS - increased Google PageSpeed Insights score from 29 to 79.
  • Enabled gzip, increased Google PageSpeed Insights score from 79 to 82.
  • Fixed PurgeCSS bug where font-face was erroneously removed, reducing PageSpeed score back to 76.
1.04 2021.01.07
  • HTML minification.
  • CSS minification.
  • Non-critical script deferrals.
  • CSS preload.
1.03 2021.01.04
  • First major recovery after SSL 😆, thank you to the InMotion Tech Support team for helping troubleshoot and resolve the 500 errors that I could not.
1.02 2021.01.02
  • Added favicon, Apple, Microsoft, and Android icons.
  • SSL
1.01 2021.01.01
  • Fixed "flex-1" issue on homepage so buckets are allowed to resize at certain sizes but not others.
  • Added X padding to Principles.
  • Fixed custom font loading issue.
  • Added change log to keep track of my own messes.
  • Fixed link colour hover issues.
  • Added external-link icons.
  • Switched to CDN for Font Awesome.
1.00 2021.01.01
12:01 AM
  • Launch.